Mentor for a child

Thank you for your interest in our program. We will be happy to see you among our volunteers.

A mentor plays a very important role in child's life. As a “Big,” he or she becomes an older brother or sister – source of advice, support, attention, care and guidance. After the first two months a strong attachment develops between the Big and Little and they become friends. A mentor can inspire positive changes in child's life through regular meetings with his/her

Mentors or “Bigs”:
•  Care and sympathize
•  Act as role models
•  Share their life experiences
•  Support and help
•  Accompany their little during his/her development 

BBBS conducted research evaluating the effectiveness of our mentoring program. Our research showed that children who participate in the program become:

•  More emotionally stable (84%)
•  More confident (79%)
•  More outgoing (74%)
•  More initiative   (58%)

Before you fill out application form, please out most frequently asked questions by volunteers: take a moment to read through volunteer FAQ's:

Will a volunteer position do for me?
What do I need to do to become a Big?
Who will be my Little Brother/Sister?
How often do I need to visit my Little?
How much will it cost me to be a volunteer?

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